SEDS at UC San Diego


Engineering the future of space


SEDS UCSD, or Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the University of California, San Diego, is a collection of motivated, passionate students determined to complement our studies with meaningful projects.

Current Projects


Colossus is a fully operational static fire test stand, providing invaluable data for innovative liquid bi-prop rocket engines. Built on a trailer for extreme mobility, Colossus eliminates the hours of prep spent on traditional test systems for engines in a typical collegiate/amateur thrust class.


SEDS UCSD has been known for its groundbreaking, 3D-printed engines. These include Triteia’s Callan, Ignus of Vulcan-I, Ignus-II of Vulcan-II, and the Eos-I and Nephas engines currently in development.

Lander Testbed

Serves as the center for gimballed and throttled flight for SEDS projects.


Collaborating with UCSD’s Formula SAE Team and the IDEA Engineering Student Center’s freshman scholars, the Female Engineering Mentorship focuses on providing opportunities to young engineers of diverse backgrounds. Paired with a SEDS mentor, members of each year’s cohort will work on technical design challenges, benefit from the community’s collective experiences, and eventually assimilate into SEDS and Triton Racing project teams.


The newest SEDS UCSD Cubesat. Balloon launch coming 2021.

Business Team

Serves as the backbone of SEDS UCSD by securing funding, planning events, and handling media and merchandise.