Tri-D 3D Printed Engine

The first engine designed by SEDS UCSD
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About Tri-D

Tri-D is the first engine designd by SEDS at UCSD.

It is the first 3D printed rocket engine by a student organization.

Tri-D was developed with the help of NASA's Marshall Flight Center and printed with by GPI Prototype and Manufacturing Services. It was meticulously designed to prevent overheating by burning fuel away from the walls, utilizing a regenerative cooling jacket, and maintaining layer of relatively cool gases

View the Tri-D Hot Fire


Tri-D Technical Specifications

PrintedOctober 2013
Material Cobalt Chromium
Thrust250lbs or 1112N
Diameter3.5 inches
Height7 inches
FuelLiquid Oxygen & Kerosene RP-1
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