Lander Testbed

Mission Statement:

“Demonstrate the need for ‘greener’ launch decisions through the design and development of propulsive technologies for implementation onto reusable vehicles”

About Lander Testbed

The SEDS UCSD RLT serves as the center for gimballed and throttled flight for all SEDS projects.

This in-house R&D skunkworks team specializes in active engine controls, such as throttling and thrust vectoring, with the work being done now focused towards our pathfinder vehicle Odyssey

Odyssey is a bi-propellant LOX-LCH4 sounding vehicle designed for suborbital flights up to 60k ft with powered landings. We hope to conduct our first throttled static fires accompanied by TVC this coming summer, with the goal of our first powered launches in Spring 2022.

Current Team Members

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