Executive Board




Tristan is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a specialty in controls and robotics. Starting as a Vulcan-II‘s structures engineer he soon founded the “Rocket Lander Test-bed” and serves as the project manager along with the propulsion team. He hopes to push the bounds of what SEDS is capable of by attempting to be the first students to ever propulsively land a rocket in order to highlight the importance of reusability and technology development in commercial space! When he is not building over-glorified ICBMs Tristan spends his time as a barista at M.O.M. coffee house in Muir and likes to collect vinyl and cassettes. Additionally, Tristan has completed a hybrid propulsion internship at Parabalis Space, and vehicle integration, test, and propulsion internships at Relativity Space where he will return after graduation.


VP Business

Kenneth is a transfer student in his last year studying Aerospace Engineering. He joined SEDS’ propulsion team as a Nephas propulsion engineer as well as a propellant feed teammate on the Lander Testbed project. Kenneth’s business background comes from his work with nonprofit fundraising for STEM programs and alumni roles within First Robotics. He is currently working in aerostructures engineering at Collins Aerospace.


Director of Engineering, Electrical

Rusul is a 4th year Electrical Engineering Major. Rusul started on the Pythia Cubesat team and is a mentor for the SEDSxFEM project. She has recently completed a hardware development internship at Amazon.


VP Operations

CX is a 4th year Electrical Engineering major. She joined SEDS as a member of the Electronics team for Colossus and the Methane Rocket team. In her free time she enjoys swimming, journaling, and watching Formula 1. CX will go on to work on the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team after graduation.

Previous Years

YearPresidentVP OperationsVP EngineeringVP BusinessVP Internal Affairs
’21/’22Tristan KinneyChaztine Xiana EmbucadoVictoria Alanis/VacantKenneth WahElizabeth Nelson/Vacant
’20/’21Patrick FinnBreana GuerreroTristan KinneyVictoria Alanis/ Vicente LopezNathan Cramer/ Scott Hall
’19/’20Surya VohraSamantha LeePatrick FinnMax KellyElizabeth Nelson
’18/’19Surya VohraGuinevere BergJack NajarianTzinti Aguirre- MedinaMax Kelly
’17/’18Briana Puktianie/
Jack Najarian
Jack NajarianDennis Ren, Matt SantosHeather SkyeMax Kelly
’16/’17Darren CharrierFeennette NavarroFaris HamdiBen StensonHarley Norton
’15/’16Jesse LangFeennette Navarro
’14/’15Deepak AtyamAlex Finch