Immediate funding needs: vulcan-II indiegogo campaign

As our club expands and takes on new projects, our expenses go up as well. SEDS UCSD relies on donations and sponsorships to keep developing groundbreaking new technologies, systems, and research for rocket engines.
Donations also help us cover costs for acquiring parts for our Static Fire System, CubeSat, and Vulcan-I rocket as well as fabrication, transportation, and logistics costs.
With our uniquely manufactured engines, we hope to lay the groundwork for advancing as a space-faring civilization.

to make a donation:

Please email us at

or venmo us @UCSD-SEDS

Here’s what your donation goes towards:


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To prove the feasibility of additive manufacturing toward the commercialization of space through the successful design, building, and testing of first and third stage rockets.


Your donation will help us continue our groundbreaking research in fields important to you such as telecommunications, atmospheric studies, national security, and commercialization of space. By supporting us, you are supporting the advancement of space flight technology and the future of humanity.


We’re currently designing a sounding rocket powered by our second-generation 3D printed engine, which produces 750lbf of thrust. In addition, we have a team designing a satellite that will launch on a balloon and a static firing system that can be used to test multiple engines in a short period of time.