The Officers

Surya Vohra
Surya is a 3rd-year Environmental Engineering, Pre-Law student from Los Angeles. She wears a number of hats within SEDS, from President to SpaceVision 2018 Chair to Propulsion Engineer to former VP of Operations, but she loves them all equally. When she's not busy helping run SEDS or attending a conference, you can usually find her at a stand-up show or with a camera in hand.
Jack Najarian
VP of Engineering
Jack is a 4th year Electrical Engineering student. He is from Los Angeles, but his family originally immigrated from Lebanon. He joined SEDS late in his freshman year where he worked on the electronics of Vulcan-I. Soon after he transitioned into Colossus as one of two systems engineers for Colossus with a focus on Electronics and Instrumentation. Next he became the President for 2017-2018 where he led the team to a successful static firing of of their third 3D printed engine. Now he has taken on the role of Vice President of Engineering so he can develop his technical leadership skills more.
Guinevere Berg
VP of Operations
Guinevere is a fourth-year mechanical engineering major and member of the SEDS propulsion team. She joined SEDS because she is passionate about space exploration and engineering. Originally from Seattle, Guinevere has lived in three states and three countries and loves to travel whenever she has the time (and funds).
Maxwell Kelly
Director of Internal Affairs
Max is a 3rd year Media student. After two years of engineering work with the Colossus and propulsion teams, he now creates video content to share SEDS's accomplishments with the world. He also works as the Head of Internal to make sure everyone in SEDS is getting the most out of being a part of the team. When he's not pointing his camera at SEDS members, you can find him catching the latest release at the movie theater or working on his own projects.
Tzinti Aguirre-Medina
Director of Media and Marketing
Currently a 3rd year Speculative Design major, Tzinti joined SEDS during her first quarter at UCSD as an addition to the business division. Over the past two years she has been working as a graphics team member, using her background and knowledge in the arts to expand on the merchandise, social media content, and overall image of SEDS. When she's not designing mission patches or logos for the project teams in SEDS, Tzinti spends her time watching short documentaries, working as a co-general manager at KSDT radio station, creating playlists for her weekly radio show, and brainstorming personal art projects.
Jon Kavner
Colossus Project Manager
Jon is the project manager for Colossus. He is a 4th year Bioengineering student.
Scott Brown
Aquarius Project Manager
Scott is a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student. He is currently the project manager for Aquarius.
Patrick Vo
Propulsion Team Lead
Patrick is a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student and joined SEDS fall quarter of his 3rd year. He is currently leading the development of additively manufactured liquid bipropellant engines, an augmented spark ignition system, and a hydrostatic test stand for SEDS UCSD projects.
Not Pictured
Andrew Wang — Director of Engineering, Mechanical
Kevin Hoo — Vulcan-II Project Manager

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