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The people in charge for 2016-2017
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Darren Charrier linkedin
Originally from Manitoba Canada, Darren is now studying Aerospace Engineering at UC San Diego. Now a Junior, Darren joined SEDS as a freshman where he started the Triteia cubesat team along with Faris Hamdi and Dennis Ren, and he also created the business division with Ben Stenson which is now the backbone of SEDS. Darren's particular expertise outside of his leadership roles has been propulsion, already working at Moon Express as a propulsion engineer, and he will begin work at SpaceX in the spring. He has a particular passion for the Moon, making it his life goal to help establish a lunar colony. On his spare time he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing Kerbal Space Program, and watching Game of Thrones.
Ben Stenson linkedin
Ben is a third year Management Science major originally from Sacramento, California. Also pursuing double minors in finance and accounting, Ben hopes to work in investment finance specializing in science-heavy industries. He hopes his experience in SEDS will help him better advise and grow companies with technology that advances humanity's scientific progress. In his free time, Ben likes to scuba dive, golf, cook, and make spreadsheets.
Faris Hamdi linkedin
Faris is an aerospace engineering major who founded the Triteia Lunar CubeSat project. From programming and circuit design to machining and systems engineering, Faris has been involved in all aspects engineering. His goal is to contribute to establishing an earth-independent economy that could support millions of humans living and working in space. To achieve that goal, Faris is involved with projects that advance commercial space transportation and infrastructure.
Briana Puktianie linkedin
Briana is a fourth year astrophysics major with a minor in literature. Her focus is to advance space technologies with the goal of expanding our reach as far out into the galaxy as possible. She joined SEDS in her second year and has been a part of SFS, Vulcan-1, and Colossus projects doing engineering from propulsion, systems engineering, structures, propellant integration and project management.
Diana Alsindy linkedin
Diana Alsindy was born in Baghdad, Iraq. She is a Senior in Chemical Engineering, focusing in Aerospace Engineering and Space Exploration fields. Diana is the 2016-2017 Propulsion Design Team Lead for SEDS UCSD. She wants to work on projects that inspire the future of human space exploration into the unknown and to discover new worlds. She desires to push the boundaries of scientific and technical limits, and she has the passion to expand the understanding of human belonging in the cosmos. In her spare time, Diana enjoys photojournalism, kickboxing, boxing, strength & conditional training, cooking, and reading fictional novels.
Karan Lala linkedin
Karan is a third year Computer Science major with a minor in Business. He seeks to amalgamate his skills as a developer and engineer with his financial management experience to optimize organizational performance and deliver rapid growth by coalescing business needs with technical realities. In his spare time, he enjoys running, cooking, spending time with his dog, and watching House of Cards.
Dennis Ren linkedin
Dennis is a Junior Electrical Engineering student. He lived his childhood in China and received his secondary education in Canada. Dennis Joined SEDS as a freshmen and took on the role of the Electronics Lead. The electronics system he designed for both the Static Fire System as well as the Vulcan-1 rocket contributed to the success of the club. In both his work and free time, Dennis enjoys building all sorts of mechatronics contraptions. His innovative mind keeps driving him to best utilize his knowledge to fulfill his vision of making humananity multi-planetary.
Rohit Ghosh linkedin
Rohit Ghosh is the Director of Marketing at SEDS UCSD. Joining this club as a freshman on the Business Division, Rohit was among the first batch of SEDS members pursuing degrees outside of engineering, and over the years, he has documented the journey of SEDS through thousands of pictures and hours of videos. As an added challenge, Rohit now concentrates on SEDS' marketing by leading efforts of design and publicity with the goal of making SEDS an entity recognized throughout the industry. Though he wishes he could do marketing all day, Rohit also works hard as a member of Colossus coding the control box. In his free time, he enjoys watching other filmmakers on YouTube, and hanging out with friends.
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