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Continuously make progress in advancing the New Space Movement

Guided by our passion and perspectives of the important of space development, we believe we must keep progressing in contributing to the eventual colonization of space by designing, building, testing, and executing our projects that will advance space technology.

Our Three Pillars


To push the boundaries of space technology, radical research is necessary. We are constantly looking into ways of improving the status quo, and we do this through the scientific method. This keeps our members safe, puts us on the cutting edge, and makes our work much more exhilarating.


We like to keep a lively atmosphere with tight bonds with our team. When encouragement, positive attitudes, and a liking for others exist in a friendly work place, creativity blossoms and progress is made. We must be able to maintain trust with the delivery of tasks and support each other when help is needed.

Make BIG News!

Every project is started with the goal of making news with its prestige as student work in the aerospace industry. It is important that our caliber of work draws attention to make a name for SEDS at UCSD in hopes to gain further company interest and possible sponsorships for or subsequent groundbreaking projects.

I want to be ahead of the industry. We at SEDS strive to develop projects that may one day allow us to revolutionize what and how we engineer.

Jesse Lang
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